Didn’t I just say that I was going to post here twice a week? Um….yes. Yes I did. I also haven’t finished the song I was working on in March and my weight loss goals are unmet as well. I am not doing well at all at keeping up on this. I haven’t even been reading on the train. What gives?

Things have been kinda sucky lately. There’s been some ill health in the family, work has been rough, and…well, I guess that’s about it. I mean, other than the continuing horror show that is Our National Discourse, which I suppose I ought not discount. It’s not been a great month.

But…I can’t get back on track by not continuing to avoid this stuff, can I? So, here’s me trying to get going again.

Here’s what I’ve been listening to this month:

This is what happens when you listen to some stuff Warren Ellis suggested, you have some creative friends, you’re going to a really minor music festival in the middle of the desert, and you just finished re-reading all three volumes Phonogram. Some much for glitchy drones. The ear wants what it wants.

On a slightly more technical level, I’ve been really, really into interesting reverbs and how they sound with old synthesizers. I have two machines that have perfectly good-to-great delays built in, but some of the modern reverb pedals are just amazingly evocative. Some people say that effects are what people who can’t play use to sound interesting, and in my case they’re not wrong, but I’d really rather sound interesting than sound like what I sound like without effects, ya know?

I’ve broken more bones than I can remember, including one particularly memorable corkscrew break of a two combined with two dislocated joints. I’ve torn skin open to the bone, and I’ve split a tooth in half. But, nothing comes even close to the pain I experienced during one particularly nasty ear infection.

I am getting an ear infection. This does not please me.

This next week is going to be ugly and I don’t know how much good/interesting stuff I’m going to have time or energy for, but I do have a few posts queued up for this space. In the meantime, you might want to sign up for Max Romero’s The Beef newsletter. Max is someone you want to know and I say this on the authority of actually knowing him. That’s it for tonight as I am whupped. Take care of yourselves.