You haven't done well

Austin, TX

We had us quite a sunset the other day, didn’t we?

Has it been a couple weeks since I’ve posted here? Ugh. I guess so. It’s been a busy couple of weeks, mostly good, some less so. It’s been a mostly-garbage day as my body seems to be purging a lot of bile from the last week or so, which means I feel well off my game right now. I’m listening to Mogwai’s Rock Action right now in case you were wondering what kind of a mood I’m in tonight.

The worst allergy season in our neck of the woods is officially underway. The cedars (which I understand aren’t properly “cedars” at all) are in full rut and it’s making everything feel as though I’m slogging through deep sand. My dreams have been lousy of late, including one where my late father appeared and passed me a note reading “You haven’t done well.” I wonder if allergies affect dreams. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they did.

My wife Nicole is a treasure for many reasons, but not the least being her willingness to throw herself into the silliest of projects and turn them into something lovely. This is a long way of saying that she made a video for my Pieology jingle.

It’s a better video than the song deserves, and it was created entirely on her iPad. I’m thrilled to shared it and hope y’all enjoy.

So, my friend Jim Kuenzer has published his first novel, and it’s currently available for pre-order on Amazon. I’ve read quite a bit of his work and I can vouch that you’d be a loony not to check him out. The book is titled Behold! We May Rock You! and I’ll write more about it when it ‘s out, but I’ll tell you this: I enjoyed the daylights out of it. It literally has no daylights left.

Well, you’ve stuck around this long, so the least I can do is share some of the Mogwai with you. This one’s called “2 Rights Make 1 Wrong” and it builds into something huge and uncharacteristically beautiful for Mogwai and I love it very much. It’s also the wakeup music for my alarm.

Good night, and have a great week,