Silver linings

So, yes, what I posted yesterday was pretty unpleasant, but life isn't without its pleasures these days. This new apartment we're in has the most extraordinary views of, well, mostly sky, but it's a fantastic sky. The living room has an almost 180 degree field of view, meaning that was can see the old airport and the lights of the new airport to the east. We can see the west stand of the football stadium, the tower, and downtown to the south, and the TV towers on the hills to the west. 

And we get pretty decent sunsets, too.

Google recommended a pretty extreme filter for this, but I think it came out ok without it.

Google recommended a pretty extreme filter for this, but I think it came out ok without it.

While I was basking in this marvelous sunset, Nicole called me to have me take a look at the other side of the sky, which was festooned in rainbow plumage. Again, not a bad view from the porch, eh?


This is a relaxing place to live. It still feels more like a resort we're leasing than home, and that's not a bad thing at all. I'm sleeping better than I have in years for...well, I'm not sure why, but I am. Maybe it's orientation of the window in the bedroom with respect to the sunrise, maybe it's that we're keeping the room free of felines for most of the day. I really don't know.

Another little "huh" thing: The floors feel so different than those in our old first floor apartment. The solidity of the ground floor tiles, affixed directly to the concrete foundation, has been replaced by something with a little more give. It's subtle, but it's far more pleasant to walk barefoot on upper floors. 

Oh, and I'm still just a couple of minutes (6, to be exact) walk to the train station, which was a non-negotiable for us. It's funny to think that, when we first moved near a train station, I expected to ride the train once or twice a week and drive on other days. It's took maybe two days to become completely hooked on taking the train. After a year or so of riding, started carrying books to read as a way to alleviate the stress of checking email and because I like reading books. That initiative has worked out swimmingly. It's "found time" that I'm fortunate enough to have and to put to good use.

Which is all a long way of saying that, in spite of the fact that I look like a troll (which is a slight improvement on "Deadpool") and that I have a chronic condition the cure for which is nowhere in site, things really aren't bad. I appreciate all the support I received yesterday when I was writing about the worst of things; I just wanted to let y'all know that pretty much everything else? Pretty darned good.