Gon Out Backson

It's been some while since I've posted anything here. That's primarily due to the fact that I've been enjoying my time on holiday. A sand beach and the smell of the surf are hard to compete with and...

You're not buying any of this, are you? I'll be honest this time. Watching the country spiral into darkness is taking a toll on me. I have a vague recollection of the Watergate era and this is so much worse that I don't believe I have the capacity to explain it. Breaking things goes so much more quickly than building them. We're now having to watch cherished, hard-fought victories discarded literally without a thought. 

It's not just the politicians, of course. The very worst of us feel emboldened to display their racism, misogyny, and...we need a better word than "homophobia", but you get the idea, without any sense of shame. They gave us the alt-right, gamergate, the sad and rabid puppies, and now comicsgate. It's largely the same people making the same arguments, trying to cloak their views in a poor imitation of rationality and in unscientific appeals to nature. I wrote a long post about comicsgate a couple of weeks ago and decided not to post it on account of the fact that I'm just tired of it. 

Work has managed to get its tendrils into my nights and weekends as well. I put in 4-5 hours today and likely will again tomorrow. I understand that, in part, this is because I let it do so. It's also just a matter of there being a lot of work to do and not terribly many people to do it. It happens, it's part of the gig, but it's one more thing just wearing me out.

One of our snails passed this week, too: Poor little Lucky. Lucky had a tough life, surviving unbeknownst to us outside of the tank without any food or care. He was less than a centimeter long when we found him and brought him in to the tank. Tough little guy, The snail groups warn you not to get attached to the runts because they're not going to live that long, but you don't always get to choose what you get attached to, do you? Poor guy. I hope he had a good life. 

I did manage to get a song in the can., but, appropriately, it's a 5 minute drone that's essentially one note and a fractured drum line.  It's not especially musical, but I'm pretty happy with the sounds.

I'll write more about it later, but I'm currently reading Matthew Walker's Why We Sleep and, halfway through, I'd say I've probably learned more important and interesting information that I have from any other book. The TL/DR would be: "Sleeping is important. It affects the health of your mind and body in ways you aren't aware of, and you need 8 hours of sleep every night. Yes you do. No, really, you're not special. Get your sleep."

Which is exactly what I'm going to do now. Good night all.