Where do we go from here?

Loss is terrible. Whoever decided that this world needed loss in it is a lousy architect, and as for the philosophers who rationalize loss? "Our loss, our grief, is what makes us human!" Screw the lot of 'em. I'll buy that it's a biological inevitability, but you don't have to glorify the damned thing. 

I was up until three last weekend recording a drone-ish cover of an obscure Genesis song because that's the sort of thing I do when I'm trying to deal with something that, ultimately cannot be dealt with. That's fine. I needed to do it and I wasn't going to sleep until it was (sort of) complete. Doing more of that would just feel like wallowing. I think I'd like to make some happier sounds now. I have a project, a non-musical one, that I'm going to get started next week that I'm excited about. 

We're travelling next week, going to stay in a fancy hotel with a giant bathtub and we might even leave the hotel at some point. Might. I've grown to really enjoy travel, which sounds weird because everybody enjoys travel, but I was pretty ambivalent about it until recently. I think mostly it has to do with taking a long time to figure out how I like to travel. It turns out I have expensive tastes with regards to accommodations. I like a nice view, a big desk, and...postcards. I love to send postcards from hotels. Is that odd? I feel like that's the century-ago equivalent of calling someone from an airplane and blurting out "Guess where I am!"

After a week or so of heavy use, I can say without qualification that the Pixel 2 is the best phone I've used. I mean, It had better be, since it's the newest, but what I'm most happy with is that it takes some remarkably good photos at close range without having to add external optics.  Here's an example:


This is a zoomed image of a couple of snails in our garden crawling on a water bulb, without any filters or editing.  I'd say this one came out pretty well.

As far as Project Fi goes, I haven't noticed an enormous difference in the quality of the service. This is in large part due to the fact that I seldom use my phone as a phone anymore. I am, however, more aware of data usage and make an effort to connect to legitimate WiFi wherever available. This is a side effect of the pricing, which is $10 a gigabyte per month, with a maximum of $60. If I just used the phone like I did with my old plan, I'd come out about even, but since this is more like a pay as you go deal, I think about it more.

This is probably my favorite single strip from my favorite comic of all time:

I feel as though, if I could fully embrace this one strip, I'd be better off. 

That's it for today. Take care.