holiday road trip

Denton, TX

‘Tis the season of social obligations, isn’t it? They’re not all wanted, not all unwanted, but they undoubtedly “are”. Five in four days is a bit much, but it represents the killing of many birds with as few stones as possible. I’m staying with my mother tonight at my aunt’s house deep in a suburban labyrinth. I have reliable navigation skills, but trying to find my way through these identical houses on identical streets surrounded by identical everything is more than I can manage after spending a good chunk of the day on the road. I’m here, but I can’t distinguish “here” from anywhere else nearby.

I’m currently putting off going to sleep, which will occur on a twin bed that’s almost as tall as it is long. It’s weird.

Anyway, I’m not dreading any of these events, but I’m looking forward to having them behind me, if you know what I mean. Driving up here, I got to wondering just how often I’d made this four hour-ish trek over my lifetime. Somewhere between 75-100 times, I’d guess. That’s an awful lot of time and distance on a stretch of road that is dull, subject to construction delays, and absolutely unavoidable as there are simple no other reasonable routes between points “A” and “B”. I did see a structure that looked sort of like the beginnings of a reconstruction of Wardenclyffe.. Actually….let me look it up real quick…

Holy smokes! That’s pretty much exactly what it is. Perhaps I’ve been a little too quick to judge this drive as being dull. There are/were numerous curious features. The late, lamented Starship Pegasus is no more, but the Monolithic Dome Institute remains. And, of course, there’s the semi-famous Waco Memorial Funeral Home:


Sure are a lot of round/dome-related things on that stretch of highway, huh? I’ve done this drive so many times it’s like I’m not seeing it anymore. I almost wish I could forget the whole trip and see it with fresh eyes so I could appreciate it’s special-ness. And on that note, off to bed. G’night all.