Notes from a fondue picnic

When shopping with Nicole a while back, I saw a fondue pot and commented that it reminded me of my favorite childhood dinner. Things progressed quickly from there and we wound up treating my mum to a Mother's Day dinner at the World's Tiniest AirBnB. Or rather, we had the dinner on the patio because it turns out that the World's Tiniest AirBnB plus a hot oil fondue equals a a very persistent fire alarm. 

Anyway, it was a lovely night for it and I think mom enjoyed it almost as much as I did (it was my favorite childhood meal, after all). Mom is taking her health seriously and she was looking quite a bit more spry than when last I saw her. It was one of the nicest evening we've had with her in a long time, followed by what was one of the worst sleeping experiences I've ever had.

The World's Tiniest AirBnB was stocked with scented trash bags, and a couple of those in 300 square feet is a little overwhelming. The bed room had a 4 foot ceiling, a disastrous mattress, step, slippery stairs, and no night light. Oh, and there was no door on the bathroom.

We did learn a few things in the process:

1) Mushrooms work great in a hot oil fondue. They'd probably be good in cheese fondue, too. Heck, I wouldn't be shocked if they were good in chocolate. 

2) Chromebooks tether to Android phones over USB easily, which probably shouldn't have been a surprise. No drivers to load, no third-party programs, just hook 'em up and go.

3) Even good grocery stores have garbage tortilla ships. If you live within driving distance of an El Fenix, they're your best option. If not, they're still your best option.

4) There are people out there who steal basil plants off of people's porches. I know, right? I didn't think those people existed, but we returned home to find our basil plant, pot and all, had been taken from our porch while we were away. No other plant was touched. Weird, huh?

All in all, I don't think I've enjoyed visiting my mother so much in quite some time. She keeps saying she's going to come down here to visit I have a stack of places I'd love to take her but, in my heart of hearts, I know she'll want to go to the seafood restaurant shaped like a tugboat because of course she will.