This thing could go two ways, won't be another exit for days

Now that I've completed the first year of my second fifty transits around the sun, I should feel exhausted. I put over five hundred miles on the car today, saw my mother, my sister, and my brother in law and the rest of my fantasy baseball league. We shared stories and saw off the fraction of my father the other owners knew. Unsurprisingly, they saw much of what I saw: Integrity, humor, and a man who wouldn't complain even when life was treating him like a punching bag. 

Springing off from yesterday's birthday surprises, Nicole made sure that our apartment floor was covered in balloons when I got home. Do you know how hard it is to feel knackered and melancholy when you have a room full of balloons? Oh, and cats, too. Cats plus balloons! To boost my mood a notch or ten, I treated myself to the new New Pornographers single "High Ticket Attractions"

And now I'm treating you!

So, while I probably should feel exhausted (and my body is certainly pressing that point), I feel giddy. I'm home, my wife is amazing, and I have a new song to play over and over again. When all as said and done, music is my drug of choice and the sugar rush of pure power pop gets me every time. 


P.S. C# E A# F#....swoon