Working from home. No, really.

It is nigh-impossible to get to me office this week, so I'm working from home. My track record working remotely is not especially good. I'm easily distracted, which is why having my own work space is critical for me.* Curiously enough (to me, at least), the fact that I have a lot of work with very tight deadlines is a huge help. Nothing focuses a body like fear, and that is something I have in abundance right now.

This is probably obvious most of you, but popular, catch music turns out to be a poor soundtrack for work. Even relatively unpopular pop music slows me down. It's probably the lyrics, because I've been listening to Mogwai's Young Team all morning and I've been going great guns. I'm sure that they'd be thrilled to know that their music is so conducive to the performance of middle management tasks. That seems like something they'd aspire to.

Above: Excellent music to listen to while whittling your soul to a nub.

By the way, oak pollen is awful. I'm almost certain that oak pollen was the inspiration for the thread in Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders books.** That stuff touches me and I look like I've been burned. Last night I looked like I'd just come home from a party...a chicken pox party. I'm getting really, really tired of this.

Time to get back at it. Hopefully, the steroids will kick in. It's hard to think about anything other than tearing my skin off right now.




* You'd think the meds would help, but alas...

** I have no factual basis for this certainty.