Eff that sword of Damocles

Sometimes, all it takes to have a good day is to knock out a few things I've been dreading. I planned to get them done on Saturday, but I wound up working ~8 hours putting out small but persistent fires and getting too worked up to sit down and concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing. There's probably a word for knowing what you need to do, setting aside time and space to do it, and finding yourself paralyzed at the thought of actually doing it. Whatever that word it, put it in the list of things which describe me.

Anyway...once I sorted the stuff out today? Wow. It was liberating: A day without (much) stress. It helps that it was also a day when my wife was not working and we were able to spend time together, not thinking about working. That is my favorite way to spend time with her by a wide margin.

It's not that we actually did all that much. We shopped around a little bit and bought almost nothing. We did get to play some board games at Vigilante gaming bar (Ticket To Ride lives up to the hype in case you were wondering, and Potion Explosion is a lot of fun once you get past the setup). It was just lovely not to have commitments, not to have things we should be doing but for whatever reason weren't. Now we're sitting on the sofa listening to relaxing orchestral music while streaming video of deep sea fangly fishes because I don't have nearly enough nightmares.

I'm surprised how one good day to can make such a difference in my state of mind. I feel energetic, I feel happy, I feel relaxed. I tried to play some stuff on the guitar that I couldn't play before and, well, I still can't, but it was fun to try.

The opening lick used to give my guitar teacher fits. BTW, Mr. Leo's Kickstarter is at https://goo.gl/tI2zna . Help this righteous dude get his next album made!

They say that contentment and good feelings are not conducive to interesting blog posts.  They know their stuff, don't they? This has all been a long way of saying that it's nice to just be somewhere,not feeling that you should be elsewhere or doing something else. Good night, and sleep well.



P.S. The whole Damocles thing always makes me think of Bruce Sterling's divinely silly short story "The Sword of Damocles." It's in his Globalhead story collection if you're interested.