I Never Thought It Could Happen To Me

I think I have damaged some close friendships due to disagreements regarding the President. I am of the belief that a Trump presidency would be (and so far, is) too damaging to my leftist beliefs to oppose Clinton on the grounds that she wasn't a good standard bearer for the left. A couple of my friends did not come to the same conclusion; they believed that Clinton would more damaging, and that a Trump victory would force the Democrats to become a true leftist party.

Yes, I feel strongly enough about this to make a comic.

Yes, I feel strongly enough about this to make a comic.

I'd love to be proven wrong and for this administration to be less monstrous than it has thus far been and for a surge in socialism to take over not just the Democratic party, but the government, from the bottom up to the top. Even if that happens, I'm still going to be angry. I feel like it was one hell of a risk to take, particularly when the people forcing the gamble were the ones who would be most insulated from the consequences. Plus, I just hate having a gun held to me head.

On a happier note, Target is now carrying refrigerated "Pizzeria Uno" pies. They're better than any frozen pizza I've had. The cheese, the sauce, and the crust are all thiiiiis close to tasting like a decent delivery pizza. The only problem I had with it was that the top of the crust cooked nicely, but the bottom of the pie didn't quite harden the way it should have. Still, it was good enough that I'm willing to take another crack at it when I need a pizza fix.

In spite of the above paragraph, I've been eating much better of late. We've cut out foods with added sugar, essentially eliminating sweet drinks and desserts. Minus tonight's lapse, I should be dropped pounds like nobody's business. As it turns out, while steroids are magical for curing many, many things, they're not much good for people who are trying to drop weight. In theory, the better diet should reduce my need for the steroids, so, crossing my fingers, this is just a temporary setback.

Tonight, my friend Jim got up on a stage and sang in front of people for the first time in his life. Just thinking about doing something like this gives me the jibblies. Go give him a high five because doing things that scare you is cool unless "being a tool" scares you. It's like they old PSA said: "Being a tool is NOT cool."

I ran on fumes all of last week and I'm like as not going to be doing the same thing tomorrow (at the very least), so I'm going to call it a night. Sweet dreams, everyone.