Head in the sand (and by "sand", I mean, "my job")

I'm avoiding social media entirely during work hours today, and probably for the week. Not only am I way behind at the office, but watching events unfold is throwing me in to fight or flight mode. I can't do anything useful about what's happening, and I can't concentrate on work, so I just have to try to tune it out.

If you need to reach me, there's always e-mail or telephone*. The events of the day are extraordinary, utterly unlike anything I've ever seen, but I have to tune it out while I'm at the office. Be safe out there, and don't let the bastards win. 


* It just occurred to me that I've had an email address for 24 years now, and I think I still have my original address. It can't have been that long, can it? Funny old world.