Show me what you got....again!

Note: I apologize for the re-post here. I learned an important thing about how Squarespace works today: If you start a post on one computer, save your work, but don't close the screen, and then resume editing on another computer, when you return to the original computer, you are faced with a your original work still in "edit" mode. Should you choose to cancel your edit, you're presented with three choices:

1. Discard

2. Cancel (meaning cancel your canceling)

3. Save

As I didn't want to save over my work, I selected "discard." You do not want to "discard." This will remove your post entirely and not even dump it into the recycle bin. I'm not sure what the best choice is here; Squarespace support suggested reasonably that I should close the screen should I want to edit a post on more than one computer. This is Very Good Advice Indeed.

Anyway, this behavior is a sword which cuts two ways and, while I carelessly lost my post earlier today, it remained on this computer and I was able to go back in to "edit" mode. We'll see what it looks like when I try to post it from here in 3...2...

...1 Pffft. Nope. At least I can copy and paste all the text, but I have to start a new post. Well, if that's the worst thing that happens today, I reckon I'm doing ok.


Laptops don't really feel like "mine" until they're festooned with stickers with cultural reference (pop and otherwise). Here's my new old laptop's first batch, some of which are the same as the recently-deceased Lenovo and some of which are new for the Dell.

My, doesn't the young Mr. Steinbeck have a decidedly socialist look to him?

Based on this particular constellation of stickers, I'm guessing this says:

  • I support Transient rights.
  • I like turtles and/or believe the world is carried on the back of one, give or take an elephant or four.
  • I want to make people think my computer is a different brand than it is, but I couldn't afford an Apple sticker.
  • I think John Steinbeck has dreamy eyes.
  • I like what you got. Good job!
  • I may have sent my best friend in the whole world to a fiery death.
  • I fear the Stark Fist of Removal.

Anyone else got any laptop-stickery you'd like to share?

On a completely unrelated note, Nicole just discovered that a particular episode of South Park was more true-to-life than we guessed. Not only is there really a Margaritaville drink maker, the sucker well set you back $1000. The scary thing? The description says there's only one left in stock. Presumably, they started with more than one, so I can only conclude that the number of people who forked over a thousand dollars for a home drink mixing machine is greater than zero.

Maybe it's just me, but for me? Spending that kind of scratch on a margarita machine is nuts. On the other hand, a Bahama Mama maker is a whole 'nother proposition:

But could you use it to make margaritas?

But could you use it to make margaritas?