Let Me Get This Out Of The Way (Ugh...Politics)

I'm struggling to wrap my head around anything useful with U.S. presidental election sucking up so much of the air right now. I don't want to think about it, I don't want to write about it, I just want it to be over, but it's so pervasive. So, let me get this out there and maybe I'll be able to move on to something else going forward.

I'm not a huge fan of Hillary Clinton*, but I'm going to be voting for her for President and that's not going to change. I wish that the U.S. had a viable liberal opposition** but until we do, I'll support what passes for "left" in the general election. Hillary Clinton would be center to center-right in most other countries, but she's better than the alternative.

That's doubly true this year. Let me tell you a story: Decades ago, my father owned a business that did business by contract. One of their clients employed him and his company to do some expensive work, which they did. When it came time to pay, the client offered my father ten percent of the contracted amount. My father balked at this and the client told him "You'll take this amount or my lawyers will tie this up in court until your pissant company is out of business."

You can probably guess how this relates to the Republican candidate this year. You've heard plenty of stories about how Trump University was a scam that bilked people out of their savings and then some in exchange for something worth less than a bag of beans. He also has a history of stiffing people he's agreed to pay. There are, of course, countless reasons to oppose Donald Trump, but for me, these are the big ones. 

Thomas Frank wrote what I think is a very important piece on why people support Donald Trump. It's not the racism. It's not the self-aggrandisement. It's the populism. Trump paints himself as a champion of the people who have lost their jobs overseas. I get that. What Frank doesn't mentions, as its not in the scope of his piece, is that it's all a lie. Donald Trump has built his empire on screwing the people he's courting. He's the kind of guy who'll look you in the eye and tell you you'll take ten percent of what you're owed and that you'll like it. 

That's where I stand. That's not likely to change barring some shocking new information. Now I can get back to stuff that's non-political like, um, the Hugo Awards.



* Sorry my Bernie friends, but the people have spoken and Hillary Clinton is their choice. Please consult Mr. Scalzi if you're not clear on this.

* *Dear Greens: Until you start working at a grass roots level and getting mayors, state legislators, and even U.S. legislators elected I'm not taking you seriously. Showing up every four years for the Presidental election isn't convincing me.