They Might Be Giants - 3/31

I had the enormous pleasure of seeing the most fun band in the world tonight. Wonderful birthday present. Thank you Nicole.

1. Subliminal (John Henry)
2. Dr. Worm (Severe Tire Damage)
3. Meet James Ensor (John Henry)
4. Turn Around (Apollo 18)
5. Cloisonne (Join Us)
6. Trouble Awful Devil Evil (Phone Power)
7. Bills, Bills, Bills (Phone Power)
8. Don't Let's Start (They Might Be Giants)
9. Music Jail (Glean)
10. Experimental Film (The Spine)
11. Cyclops Rock (Mink Car)
12. Spider (Apollo 18)
13. Spy (Why Does The Sun Shine EP)
14. The End of the Tour (John Henry)
15. Science Is Real (Here Comes Science)
16. It's Not My Birthday (They'll Need A Crane EP)
17. The Statue Got Me High (Apollo 18)
18. Road Movie To Berlin (Flood)
19. They Might Be Giants (Flood)
20. Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love (Flood)
21. Women & Men (Flood)
22. Hot Cha (Flood)
23. Whistling in the Dark (Flood)
24. Letterbox (Flood)
25. Minimum Wage (Flood)
26. Hearing Aid (Flood)
27. Someone Keeps Moving My Chair (Flood)
28. We Want a Rock (Flood)
29. Twisting (Flood)
30. Particle Man (Flood)
31. Your Racist Friend (Flood)
32. Dead (Flood)
33. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Flood)
34. Lucky Ball & Chain (Flood)
35. Birdhouse in Your Soul (Flood)
36. Theme From Flood (Flood)
37. She's an Angel (They Might Be Giants)

I saw them on the original Flood tour back in 1990 at the Arcadia Theater. Back then, it was just the two Johns and a tape player. They sold fezzes as souvenirs and we there was a conga line. The Arcadia burned down years ago and is now a Trader Joe's because of course it is.

I'll go ahead and spoil my future top ten list and say that Flood is going to be on it. Go get your copy (you do own it, right?) and give it a listen, or just enjoy That Song , easily the best song ever written about a nightlight. And if you get a chance to see 'em, by all means, do so.