My Week Of Living Indisposedly

A gentleman I once worked for said that the way he determined if he was sick enough to miss work was to ask himself "Would I rather be at the office feeling well, or here feeling sick?" If the answer is "at work," then you're sick enough to stay home. I don't know if he was a fan of Catch-22 or not, but it seems pretty safe assumption.

That's a roundabout way of saying that I really ought to have stayed home sick the last couple of days. I'm not certain exactly what sort of crud I have. I just feel all-around lousy, with no energy, dry mouth, sore muscles, and burning eyes. That last one is a killer since reading, writing, and working all involve staring at a screen. 


On the plus side, take a look at the picture at the top of the screen. Nice, eh? We set out to do a little hiking at a popular park nearby and found the place packed. Well, we assume it was packed. We were turned away at the gate. So, we went a little further down the road and stopped at a park neither of us had ever heard of it. 

It wasn't an especially large park, but it was pretty and the hiking was a little more rugged than the other place would have offered. The park center was in a nondescript patch of prairie, but there were trails leading down the side of a box canyon to a miniature grotto. In a very short distance we went from tall grasses, scrubby trees, and utterly dry air, to cool, humid trails with ferns on all sides. I don't think this is worthy of making a generalization about accidents working out for the best, but it's pretty great when they do.

Here's hoping for a nice, peaceful weekend and a little recovery time.

P.S. We are still not ready to talk about soccer/football at this time.