Regarding local elections

I'm going to be very busy for most of the next month with travel, getting married, and more travel, so I wanted to get this out there. I'm always tempted to focus my attention on the presidential election, but I'm trying to break that habit this year. The national election is important, and yes, please vote in it, but it's the local elections where a single vote might, just might make a difference.

Alright, even then, one vote probably doesn't matter but, importantly, it's at the local level where issues like "policing" come in to focus. I've been in contact with the local League of Women voters and they've assured me that there are questions regarding community policing on their list to ask the city council candidates. The League of Women voters guide will be published here (and I'm guessing in most places) in about three weeks, and I'm going to be paying more attention to it than I ever have.

I know that the presidential election is an unusually distracting one this year, but I'm asking anyone who reads this to please pay extra attention to your local races. The next president won't have much impact on whether or not local traffic stops end in tragedy or not, but the people you help elect in your city and county elections might.


P.S. It's difficult to write earnestly and interestingly at the same time. As Nicole just said, "It's like Liz Lemon going between Irish and Jamaican." Yes it is.