Belly of the Beast

I've been losing sleep thinking about today for three weeks now. For those of us who like spending a lot of time alone or with the company of Nicole or a few friends. Large groups make me very uncomfortable. Today is the start of the company-wide conference which I'm attending for the first time. Needless to say, I don't think I slept more than an hour or so last night.

In addition to attending the conference, I'm getting to lead a remote training session, so there's that, too.

I'm sitting in the lobby, trying my best to look as inconspicuous as possibly. I'm pretty good at looking inconspicuous when I set my mind to it and my mind is about as set as it gets. Typing on a laptop is a heck of a way to deflect conversation. Unfortunately, this particular laptop only has a five year old battery with twenty minutes of battery life so my best shielding device is about to go offline.

On the plus side, I'm pretty sure that the Pandora station is one I created. R.E.M.'s "7 Chinese Bros." isn't something you hear in a lot of lobbies. For my money, Reckoning is right up their with their best albums and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise*. 

P.S. If you like that tune and you're just dying to know what it would sound like with Michael Stipe singing the liner notes to an old gospel album instead of singing his own lyrics, click this link and enjoy!

The battery is starting to warn me with increasing urgency that it would be a Very Good Idea to shut down my laptop, but beastie has served its purpose well.  Six hours to go. Wish me luck!

* And by "fight," I mean "have a spirited discussion concerning the merits of any and all R.E.M. albums with."