Back to normality (and some stuff about Labor Day)

Beautiful girlfriend is home from her trip and the house feels like it's home again. A few days ago, my sister asked me what guilty pleasures I planned to indulge in once I had the place to myself, something I wouldn't do when the missus was around. Her example was "eat an entire bag of Doritos in one sitting" so you can tell we're a wild family. I couldn't think of a single thing. I'm not trying to win brownie points or anything like that; I just literally couldn't think of anything I enjoy doing that I can't do when she's around. I don't know if that means we have an exceptionally healthy relationship or we're the poster children for co-dependence, but I'm not going to complain. I'm happy, and that's more than enough.

Back to work tomorrow. I know that Labor Day is sort of the runt of the litterwhen it comes to national holidays, but I've grown to appreciate it more over the years. I don't remember hearing many positive things about organized labor when I was growing up, but in hindsight, I think the people who were controlling the narrative were the ones organized labor was vying against, so they may not have been impartial sources.

I usually distrust declension narratives, but I get the impression that the gains which organized labor won have been eroded to a greater degree than many people realize. Work weeks seem to be getting longer as the workforce shifts to jobs which don't provide overtime. I'm not an economist and by that I mean I'm really, really not an economist so I won't even speculate as to why this is happening or what it means, but it seems, from my vantage, to be something we should be concerned about. Anyway, just like Memorial Day is a great time to reflect on the sacrifice of those who served, maybe Labor Day would be a good opportunity to teach the very important gains organized labor fought for and won for us all.

That said, I'm not above taking advantage of a day off to just chill out and enjoy not being in the office. Heavy concepts like the importance of organized labor are great, but so is having a little local Tex-Mex, hitting up a book store, and basking in the joy of having your most favorite person by your side again. Absence/heart/fonder/etc. Turns out it's true.

P.S. Holy smokes, the bed is cold. That's not any kind of figurative statement; the bed is downright chilly tonight. It isn't help by that fact that, due to my medical concerns, I have to use a sheet between me and the blanket. This is not my preferred arrangement. I don't like anything between me and my big, warm, microfiber bundle of joy. Even as a child, I always kicked my sheet to the end of the bed in my sleep. I know this doesn't make any sense at all, but somehow, having an extra layer of fabric makes the bed feel colder. In theory, or at least my understanding of the theory, an extra layer of fabric to trap my body heat should be keeping my warmer. It doesn't feel that way. The sheet feels slick and cool and not cozy by any reasonable measure of coziness.

Sheets: I am not a fan.