The Future, Not-Terribly-Distant

A few of quick note since I'm awake:

1) My wife and I have booked a vacation next month. It's a little on the short side, but I expect Denver is lovely in September. We're both the sort of travelers who find making too many plans for a holiday more stressful than making too few, so we are a good fit in this regard. She's never been to Denver; I've only passed through, so this will be a new thing for the both of us.

2) I had an Idea yesterday which means I have a starting place for this coming November. Where I wind up may be some place very different, but at least I have place from which to begin. Of course, now I have one hell of a lot of research to do...

3) In the future, I will attempt to refrain from posting after midnight unless I'm drunk enough to be funny when I do it.