About Me

Hello. I'm Ridley. I'm an American who can remember seeing the first moon landing, but only just. I miss "astronaut" being a thing which children wanted to be. I hope that this lull in space exploration is just a temporary blip and we'll be out annoying aliens again in my lifetime.

I was extremely fortunate in that both of my parents encouraged me to read. This encouragement has served me well (as has their never telling me that I wasn't supposed to like vegetables).  I'm not the best-read person you'll meet, but I think I'm finally over having to be the "best" at everything.

I've worked in the information technology field for over three decades now. I've done some freelance writing and design work as well, some of which has been published in old-timey print and some which may yet wind up that way. 

Nicole and I got married in October of 2016 and had pretty much the best honeymooon we could have imagined. If you get the opportunity to marry someone with whom you can have adventures, I strongly recommend you take that chance.

 UPDATE: My wife and I engage in the practice of snail husbandry. She makes videos for our snails and if you'd like to see them, here's their YouTube channel.

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate it, and hope there's something here you like.



P.S. I took this blog's title from the New Pornographer's song with the same name